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Welcome to Vinyl 7 Oy website!

Vinyl 7 Oy is a automotive vinyls shop and your source for the best quality vinyls and accessories at the right price.

We offer vinyls and accessories for cars and other purposes. Whatever you need, from a exterior to an interior vinyls, or even for tires or your teams personolised textiles , you can buy it at our store, or order online and have it delivered to your home or busines.

The highest quality products and services and extended warranty make Vinyl 7 Oy the store you can rely on.


Best quality vinyls and accessories at the right price.


Professional vinyl add's either printed, cut or textile, all that your company or team needs to personalise your brand 


Best quality personalise textiles so your company will look the part that they should.


(Professional installation service)

(Picture from Avery Dennisons assembly division)

Vinyl 7 Oy has a professional crew to wrap your companys vehicles or your personal car, boat, motorcycle and what ever your just can think about. Our extended warranty for our wrappings or any other installations will make us a reliable partner.



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